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KöR Whitening

November 6, 2020
Posted By: Jena Hauswirth

Kör Whitening is one of the new products I am most excited to be offering our patients in 2020.  This whitening system provides a combination of in-office and take home bleaching to get your pearly whites their brightest.  In my professional opinion, it is the best researched and most effective whitening system in the biz.  It is extremely powerful and is able to combat even the most stubborn of stains, including those caused by smoking, tetracycline, and trauma.  Kör Whitening is also a great system for people, like myself, who experience sensitivity when bleaching their teeth.


Have you ever wondered about getting your teeth professionally whitened? 


Here’s what to expect:


We’ll typically start with a consultation.  During this appointment, we will assess what strength of bleach and how long you will need to bleach based on your level of staining.  Other things we will consider are sensitivity, fillings or crowns on teeth affecting your smile, and if you clench or grind your teeth. A scan of your teeth will then be made for the fabrication of your custom trays.


Once your custom whitening trays are made, we’ll send you home with a bleaching kit.  You will use your at-home kit for the recommended period of time, which is typically two weeks for most standard cases.  After this time, you will return for a final in-office bleaching appointment.  This appointment lasts about an hour and a half and will help achieve next level results.  


After going through the bleaching process, you will be able to continue using your custom bleach trays to maintain your desired level of whiteness on your own.  Usually, you will want to do this once per month, but you may need to do so more often if you consume high amounts of dark foods and beverages or are a smoker.


Check out some of these amazing before and after cases!




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